Residence Permit Renewal – Part 2

The result of my security check came back last week, so I went back to the KVR this morning, safe in the knowledge that I’m not a terrorist, to pick up my shiny new “unbefristet” residence permit.

Here are some more facts that I found out while I was there:

  1. As Marcus pointed out in the comments on my previous entry, the only purpose of the residence permit is to prove the holder’s rights as an EU citizen, and absolutely nothing will happen to anyone who doesn’t renew it when it expires.
  2. The residence permit is not an officially recognised form of identity. The only recognised ID is a German “Personalausweis” or a passport, which you are obliged to carry at all times.
  3. The new permit is exactly the same as the old one, but with “UNBEFRISTET” printed instead of an expiry date. I’m not quite sure why they couldn’t just print that in the renewal space on the old one…
  4. As of next year, the permit will probably be redundant anyway due to new immigration laws that will be introduced. Apparently British citizens (and maybe other EU citizens) won’t need the permit at all. However, I can’t find any information online to back this up.

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