The Arc – Harry’s New Bar

After missing the opening night last Friday, I finally managed to get down to Harry’s new bar, The Arc, on Wednesday. It looks like a nice place, but it was awfully quiet. Perhaps because it’s a new opening? Perhaps because it’s off the beaten track? Perhaps because it was early in the evening? I don’t know.

No doubt it’ll start to get busier when more people realise that Harry will be showing loads of sporting events, particularly American and Australian, that aren’t covered by other pubs.

I’ll certainly be there again – since it’s on my way home from work…

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One Response to “The Arc – Harry’s New Bar”

  1. belinda sue Says:

    I went here one night after work. Walked in, and only Jason, the co-owner was there! So I sat down, ordered a burger and watched some tv. Very cool . Just like coming home to a husband that takes orders, and I only had to pay 10 euros. No sex necessary!

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