Residence Permit Renewal – Part 3

I just stumbled across this article: “Residence permits dropped for EU expats

The new EU directive will enter into force in 2006 and will mean EU expats living in Germany will no longer have to spend considerable time and effort applying for a so-called “Aufenthaltsgenehmigung” or “Aufenthaltserlaubnis” (residence permit).

Which confirms what the lady told me when I went to the KVR, and means all the effort I went to in renewing my residence permit was a waste of time…

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3 Responses to “Residence Permit Renewal – Part 3”

  1. Jack Says:

    Yes, but if you read the next paragraph in that article:

    Instead they will simply have to register with the local authorities when they move to Germany and prove they have the means to support themselves while living here.

    …so it seems you will *still have to register*!!!

    Why should I have to register? I have the right to move anonymously at will. I’m not a number. I’m a free man!

  2. A Cynic Says:

    So you still have to waste your time – the only difference is that you won’t get a nice official bit of paper to prove that you wasted your time…

  3. Winston Kodogo Says:

    You’ll have to register for the same reason that the Germans have to register, presumably – so that “they” can track you down and arrest you if you do anything wrong like be in possession of curly black hair and thick lips.

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