Pusan, South Korea

Pusan (also known as Busan) in South Korea is 3 hours away from Fukuoka by Hydrofoil. We took a 2 day package trip including Hydrofoil fare, hotel, and tour guide, which was relatively cheap at around 100 euros per person.


The guide picked us up at the ferry port and gave us a brief tour of the major attractions in the town, and then dropped us off at the hotel. We then spent the rest of the trip finding our own way around. An interesting experience, since neither of us speaks Korean and hardly any of the locals spoke English or Japanese.

The Korean food was excellent. We couldn’t read the menus, so we found that the only way to order was to look at what other people were eating and then just point at it. The most interesting meal we had was a soup made with a whole chicken, stuffed with rice, spices, vegetables and Ginseng, served boiling in a stone bowl.

Unfortunately the looking and pointing technique didn’t always work, and at a small street-side stall we ended up ordering something that turned out to be boiled pork skin in chili sauce. Considering some of the stuff we saw later in the fish market, this was certainly not the worst thing we could have possibly had.

Sea Cucumbers

Pusan’s fish market was interesting. It’s all held outside in the open air, and the fish (and other things) are either kept alive in tanks, or already dead and kept on ice or dried. The majority of the things on display were things you’d expect to see in a fish market (i.e. fish) but there were some unusual things too: turtles, chickens feet, dried frogs, pigs heads, and sea cucumbers.



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