Octopus Tempura on a Stick

“Try this, it’s nice”, she says.

“OK”, I think, “it’s only a hotdog. Nothing strange here. Perfectly normal food”.

How wrong could I be?

Octopus Tempura on a Stick

Yes, those are tiny octopus tentacles sticking out of it.


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4 Responses to “Octopus Tempura on a Stick”

  1. Dodgy Geezer Says:

    Christ on a bike! If you bit into your “hotdog” in the West and found that you’d sue!

  2. JonelB Says:

    Somehow that just looks utterly delicious.

  3. Brooklyn Bagwell Says:


    I am very interested in speaking with the person who made this Octopus on a Stick. I am casting for a new series on SPIKE TV called FrankenFood. Would love to speak with the chef of this food as soon as possible.

    My email is brooklyn@sharpentertainment.com

    Thank you,

    • David Says:

      It was at a roadside restaurant / service station somewhere between Fukuoka and Nagasaki.

      Sorry I can’t be more specific; it was several years ago.

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