How to get a Japan re-entry visa in Tokyo

There are plenty of pages on the internet about how to get a re-entry visa for Japan, but anyway, here’s a summary of how to get one in Tokyo.

You need to go to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau in Shinagawa.  There’s a bus from Shinagawa station – take the Konan exit (港南口) and follow the signs.  You can also walk there, if you feel like getting a bit of exercise.  Here’s a map of the Immigration Bureau location.

What you need to take with you:

  1. Passport.  The original, not a copy.  They need to stick the re-entry label inside it.
  2. Completed multiple-entry visa application form.  You can download a blank application form from the Ministry of Justice website.
  3. Alien Registration Card (外国人登録証 – Gaikokujin Tōroko Shō).  If you haven’t received the card yet, you can take the “Issuance of Foreign Resident Registration Certification” (登録原票記載事項証明書 – Tōroku Genpyo Kisai Jikō Shōmeisho) which you should have received when you applied for the card at your local ward office.
  4. Revenue stamp.  The revenue stamp for a re-entry visa costs ¥6,000 and must be paid in cash at the convenience store on the ground floor.  If you forget to bring cash there is an ATM in the ground floor lobby, which conveniently accepts foreign cashcards.

Assuming there are no problems with your application, the re-entry visa will be issued immediately.

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