Human Day and the Festival of Seven Herbs

Nanakusa-Gayu (七草粥) - 7 herb porridge

Today, 7th January, is Jinjitsu, or “Human Day”.

On this day the Japanese traditionally celebrate Nanakusa no Sekku (The Festival of Seven Herbs) by eating Nanakusa-Gayu – a rice porridge made with 7 different types of herb.

The porridge is supposed to ensure good health for the coming year.


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7 Responses to “Human Day and the Festival of Seven Herbs”

  1. tokyo5 Says:

    I also ate 七草粥 (Nanakusagayu) today.

    How long have you been in Tokyo?

  2. David Says:

    We’ve been here since the beginning of June last year.

  3. tokyo5 Says:

    How do you like it in Tokyo? Do you plan to stay permanently?

    (Your avatar is a ダルマ (daruma). I use a ダルマ for my YouTube avatar, too.
    My YouTube page: )

    Please feel free to comment on my blog anytime!

  4. tokyo5 Says:

    Oh sorry,
    I forgot to mention…
    not only is January 7 the day to eat 「春の七草」…but it’s also the anniversary of the start of 平成時代 (Heisei Era).

  5. David Says:

    We’re not sure how long we’ll stay. Depends how things turn out with my job, and life in general in Japan. So far it hasn’t quite been what we expected, but we’re slowly settling in.

  6. tokyo5 Says:

    >it hasn’t quite been what we expected

    How’s that? (If I may ask. Just curious.)

    Personally, I love Tokyo. (I’ve been here since 1990, after all).

    Your wife is Japanese?

  7. David Says:

    Various things. Living here is a bit different to coming on holiday or business trip. But as I wrote, we’re slowly settling in.

    My wife is Japanese, but had lived outside Japan for a long time before we came to Tokyo. And she’s not originally from Tokyo.

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