“University Potato” flavoured KitKat

Another unusually flavoured KitKat appeared in the convenience store earlier this week. This time “University Potato” flavour.

University Potato KitKat

I have no idea what a university potato tastes like, but I would hazard a guess that it’s nothing like sickly sweet white chocolate.

The grape flavoured one was exactly the same. Well, apart from being a pale green colour instead of white. Someone on the Japanese KitKat Flickr group suggested that the different flavours that they bring out are nothing more than a marketing gimmick. If it is, it appears to be working, because there are plenty of people (including me) buying them and putting them on teh intarwebs.

These citrus flavoured ones were very nice. Unfortunately the bag I got was the last one on the shelf and I haven’t seen them again.

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3 Responses to ““University Potato” flavoured KitKat”

  1. ThePenguin Says:

    There does appear to be such a foodstuff. According to Wikipedia it is some kind of caramelised sweet potato (popular with students, hence the name.

    I did succumb to a sakura kitkat once, but regretted it.

  2. David Says:

    Yes, I found that page before when I was trying to find the English name of it.

    Usually I find Wikipedia is pretty good for finding translations of obscure stuff, but sadly it failed me in this case.

    There was another KitKat flavour in the kombini today – looked like some kind of strawberry. Had to skip it because I’d already stuffed my face on some other confectionery. Maybe I’ll give it a go next week if it’s still there.

  3. tokyo5 Says:

    I just wrote a post about the Japanese Kit-Kat flavors.

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