I love my Japanese internet connection

Fast Internet

Getting a torrent downloading at over 1MB/s was unimaginable on my cable internet connection back in Munich. In fact I couldn’t even use BitTorrent on that ISP because they blocked it. Not officially, of course. It just mysteriously didn’t work.

Here, it’s a 100MB fiber connection direct to the building, and I pay less (including the phone) than I did just for the cable internet.

So far I haven’t even got close to maxing it out…


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4 Responses to “I love my Japanese internet connection”

  1. phil Says:

    Me, jealous? nooooo (stupid deutsche telekom cables)

  2. ThePenguin Says:

    I was happy with the 1MB T-Online flatrate connection for many years (having suffered ISDN dialup), until I came back from Japan to get rid of the apartment and realised how appallingly 2001 it was.

  3. David Says:

    I was happy with a 56KB dialup for ages. Then ISDN, then 1MB DSL, then 2MB, etc.

    In a few years time I’ll be probably looking back and thinking, “100MB fiber? Pfft.”

  4. jturningpin Says:

    Wow, got a sense of nostalgia seeing the Mac Transmission screenshot there. My main comp is Windoze, but for a while I was relying on my backup Powerbook G4 as my main. Seeing this reminds me of nights of furiously downloading episodes of Jericho…

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