World Beer Bakusyu, Shinbashi

Just back from meeting Penguin at World Beer Bakusyu in Shinbashi, a bar recommended by John Turningpin who was unfortunately sick and couldn’t join us. (Get well soon, JT).

World Beer Bakusyu

Bakusyu has quite a decent range of beers from around the world. I tried the Anchor Porter and I have to say it’s probably the best dark beer I’ve ever had. Quite surprising, since I’d had the Anchor Steam from the same brewery, when I was in San Francisco a few years ago, and thought it was one of the worst beers I’d ever had.

I’ll definitely be heading back there to drink it again, even though at 1000 Yen a bottle it’s expensive with a capital E.

World Beer Bakusyu, 東京都港区新橋3−22−3.

Less than 2 minutes on foot from Shinbashi station’s Karasumori exit.


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7 Responses to “World Beer Bakusyu, Shinbashi”

  1. jturningpin Says:

    Was peeved I couldn’t make it out. Hope to catch you next time.

  2. ThePenguin Says:

    Pity you couldn’t make it, but it was a nice bar and a pleasure to meet another blogger.

  3. David Says:

    Pleasure to meet you too, Penguin.

    We’ll have to arrange another meetup at some point.

    Incidentally, I just found out that bakusyu means beer. But you guys, cunning linguists that you are, probably already knew that…

  4. ThePenguin Says:

    Hmm, that I did not know, but inputting ばくしゅ brings up “麦酒”, which is one of those words I recognize straight away but have no idea how to pronounce it.

  5. David Says:

    If it’s any consolation, the wife didn’t know how to pronounce it either.

    What fun. Trying to learn a language that includes words that even the natives can’t read…

  6. ThePenguin Says:

    See what I mean… Anyway, a new word with which to annoy the missus 😉

  7. jturningpin Says:

    Annoy the missus with 拙速, as in 拙速主義. Found that word one day lazily browsing a kanji dictionary, and have yet to meet anyone who knows what it means.

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