Expensive Eisbein

Spotted this menu outside a German restaurant near Shimbashi the other week. I forget the name of the place, but that doesn’t really matter because with these prices I’m unlikely to bother going there anyway.

Deutsche Spezialitäten

¥4500 for an Eisbein? That’s about €38. You can get one for €10,20 in Berlin.

I think I’m just going to have to accept that it’s damned expensive here, and stop moaning about it…

And I might as well tag this for the February Japan Blog Matsuri about foreign food.

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8 Responses to “Expensive Eisbein”

  1. Deas Says:

    Thanks for the entry. I wish I knew what an Eisbein was, or why it’s outrageous to pay ¥4,500 for it. Any chance you could add some background information for folks (like me) who aren’t in the know about German food, especially what’s available in Japan? You know, flesh it out a bit? I did of course click through to Wikipedia and educate myself. Just thought I’d throw it out there. In any case, thanks again for the entry!

  2. David Says:

    That was quick! Thanks for the feedback.

    Yeah, I thought about adding more detail about what an Eisbein is, but it would only have been a copy and paste from the Wikipedia entry.

    As for why it’s outrageous, well, it costs 3 times as much as it does in Germany, for what is most likely a “Japanese sized” portion. I.e. half the size.

  3. ThePenguin Says:

    “Alte Liebe”. (The name of the restaurant, that is).

    Look at it the other way round: Proper Japanese food is way better value for money here than it is in Germany.

  4. David Says:

    True. And much better.

    Are you sure about the name? I thought it was something like “Music Restaurant”.

  5. ThePenguin Says:



  6. Rocking in Hakata » Foreign Food Matsuri Says:

    […] from the ::mdid:: blog discovers exorbitantly priced German Eisbein at a restaurant called Alte Liebe near Shimbashi. Have you ever had eisbein? Would you have paid […]

  7. Goddess Carlie Says:

    I had never heard of Eisbein either, so this was educational. You never know, though, maybe it would have been awesome.

  8. Jamaipanese Says:

    I have never eaten anything on that menu, maybe one day though

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