Land Brauerei Echigo-Bräu Premium Beer Pilsner

I spotted this beer with a German-looking name and was unable to resist grabbing one.

Echigo Premium Beer

A closer look at the description on the can (what I could read of it, anyway) revealed that it’s not actually a German beer. It’s brewed here in Japan by Echigo breweries using aroma hop from the Czech Republic.

Either way, it’s a pretty good beer, and it more than made up for the disappointment of the not-Ginger-Beer Ginger Draft.

Like the Eku Pils it’s not as bitter as a German (or Czech) pilsner. More like a Munich helles Bier.

Definitely another one to add to the list of replacements for my ever-decreasing supply of German beer (I’m well into the last crate now).

It doesn’t seem to be a limited edition, so I hope it’ll still be available next time I’m at the shop. If not, their website has a online shop that seems to have quite a range of beers.

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5 Responses to “Land Brauerei Echigo-Bräu Premium Beer Pilsner”

  1. ThePenguin Says:

    Ah yes, had that one before. Unfortunately it’s local to Niigata, so not so easy to find in Tokyo.

  2. john turningpin Says:

    I’ve had that before as well. Can’t remember if I picked it up at the neighborhood snooty supermarket or import liquor store, but neither are more than 10 minutes walk away from me. 🙂

  3. David Says:

    I found their blonde beer in another supermarket yesterday. I prefer the Pils though.

  4. Homebrew Japan Says:

    Aldgate in Shibuya have Jever Pils on tap as a regular beer.

    Cataratas in Shibuya have a Pils festival this week – a couple on draft and several bottles. Expensive little place though.

    Japanese pils are not great. I signed up for a “monthly beer” scheme – they deliver 6 bottles of freshly made beer every month; beer which you can’t buy in the shops. Last month it was all pilsner – changes every month though. Details here:

    For me Japanese Pils are often too sweet. Good that you can get Pilsner Urquell here!

    • David Says:

      I read about the “monthly beer” on your blog, and was thinking about looking into it, but then forgot.

      Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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