All the houses I have lived in


It’s Friday evening and I’m bored, so I’ve just spent 20 minutes or so browsing round Google Maps finding satellite pictures of all the houses I have ever lived in.

Well, not quite all. There’s actually one missing because I can’t remember the house number, and the area isn’t covered by street view yet so I can’t use that to jog my memory.


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3 Responses to “All the houses I have lived in”

  1. ThePenguin Says:

    Looks like you’re now in some super secret government facility. Do you get to use the helipad on the roof much?

  2. David Says:

    Heh. No. Never even seen or heard a helicopter landing there.

    I guess the “R” stands for “Rescue” so I hope I’m never in a situation where I do need to use it.

  3. jturningpin Says:

    Google Maps is freaky. I grew up in a small town located just shy of *fucking nowhere* and yet managed to pull up a view of the house I grew up in, with the cheesy-ass fence I helped install back in the day in full view. Weird…

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