Carnegie Porter 3,5

D. Carnegie Porter 3,5

Found this in the local supermarket at the weekend. Even though it`s only 3,5 ABV it`s not bad. At least compared to the piss that usually passes for beer in Sweden.

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7 Responses to “Carnegie Porter 3,5”

  1. jturningpin Says:

    Something to tide you over until your next Tokyo Porter. 🙂

  2. ThePenguin Says:

    Talking of which, we must do one of those meetup thingies if everyone’s in town in the next week or so. Any takers?

  3. ThePenguin Says:

    You should definitely meet Mr Salaryman BTW.

  4. David Says:

    I found a bottle of the full 5,2% version in a pub somewhere in Stockholm. Strangely I prefer the 3,5%.

    And yes, we should do a meetup at some point.

  5. Mr. Salaryman Says:

    C’mon! WHy are you doing this!? The whole Class I, II and III system in Sweden is just pissing in the face of all the beer lovers out there! Ok, at least you don’t have to line up for a couple of hours in the licensed Systembolaget to get the 3.5%, but still…? I’m very, very dissapointed!

  6. David Says:

    It was easier to buy it in the supermarket with my groceries than make a separate trip to the Systembolaget.

    Rest assured though, I did consume plenty of full strength beer while I was there. I just didn’t manage to get many pictures.

  7. Someone in Switzerland who will be visiting Sweden Says:

    I’d kill for a pint a porter
    Jayz, I’d kill for a pint a porter
    There’s wild bad drink in Tuam hi
    Get that wasp off my sandwich

    Dave, if I know you, you got plenty of pictures of the beer but they were all out of *hic* focus.

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