Kirin Diabolo Ginger

Kirin Diabolo Ginger

I’ve been looking (on and off) for Ginger Beer since last December, after I was introduced to the Dark and Stormy during my visit home at Christmas. By chance I found this one in the small supermarket near my train station.

For a drink with a name like “Diabolo” it’s surprisingly mild – I’ve had own-brand Ginger Beers with more bite from UK supermarkets – but still, it’s way better than the Canada Dry Ginger Ale that you find everywhere here.

(Note: I haven’t tried to make Dark & Stormy with Canada Dry – just whiskey & ginger).

As an added bonus, it contains grapefruit (didn’t see that on the label until I got it home) which I suppose I can accept as a passable alternative to lime juice if it means I don’t have to get annoyed trying to find it in a shop.


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3 Responses to “Kirin Diabolo Ginger”

  1. jturningpin Says:

    Used to drink this one ginger beer back in the US that was so strong we’d all be sneezing after a couple sips. Can’t remember the name, but it had pirates on the label…

  2. Orchid64 Says:

    I tried this recently and found the ginger aspect amazingly intense, like someone squeezed the juice from a root right into it!

  3. David Says:

    True, it’s more intense than other ginger drinks you can find in Japan. However it is *very* mild compared to a real ginger beer.

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