How secure is Edy?

Edy log

When I tried to pay for something with my Edy card earlier today it was declined because there was not enough money on it.

I thought that was a bit odd since I had loaded 5000 Yen onto it only last week, so I checked the transaction log with the card reader on my laptop.

Unfortunately it only shows the last 6 transactions, and only the amounts, no store or vendor name. I can account for 5 of the transactions, but I am 100% certain that I did not use it to buy something for 400 Yen at 23:29 on Tuesday evening. Nor did the card ever leave my possession.

So now I’m wondering how this has happened. Hopefully when I manage to contact the card issuer they’ll be able to give more detailed information.


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One Response to “How secure is Edy?”

  1. David Says:

    UPDATE: There is nothing wrong with the card, and the transaction is legitimate. It turned out that terminal where the transaction was made, is storing the wrong time stamp.

    That just leaves the question of how I managed to get through 5000 Yen so quickly. Perhaps I ought to buy less chocolate.

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