ATM opening times

SMBC card service hours

The ATM near my house only allows cash withdrawals between 8am and 11pm on weekdays.

At other times it only allows credit card transactions, with a fee.

This is really annoying.


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3 Responses to “ATM opening times”

  1. TheOctopus Says:

    The ATM at my 7-11 allows cash withdrawals around the clock at no charge from my Shinsei account. Just saying, like.

  2. tokyo5 Says:

    But 11PM is late enough, isn’t it? I’ve never needed to go to the bank later than that.

    • David Says:

      The specific times are not what annoys me. It’s the fact that outside of those times you have to use credit card and pay a transaction fee.

      So for example if I need to get some money at 7am on the way to the airport, I can’t. Or if I want to get some money on Saturday morning, I can’t. Unless I want to pay an (in my opinion) unreasonable fee.

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