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Chicken Nanban Roll

August 6, 2012

Chicken Nanban Roll

Chicken Nanban roll at Sushi Meijin in Fukuoka.

Sōmen with ice

August 5, 2012

Sōmen (素麺) with ice

Noodles cooked in hot water as usual, and then served chilled with ice. Nice to eat for lunch on a hot day.

Making mochi

August 1, 2012


Making mochi at a local festival earlier this year.

A few more pictures, including one of the finished product, here.

Fukuoka Sunset

July 31, 2012

Fukuoka Sunset

Sunset over Fukuoka, taken from the Sky Wheel at the marina.

Local temples and shrines

July 24, 2012

平間山 稱名寺

There are a number of small temples and shrines within walking distance of my apartment. Earlier this year I went round taking photos of them all.

Temples and shrines near Shin-Kawasaki and Kashimada

Tokyo View with Sky Tree in HDR

July 11, 2012

Tokyo HDR

I’m still alive; just not finding much time to upload photos to Flickr and write blog posts.

Here’s an HDR shot that I took late last year from the top of an apartment building in Edogawa, looking towards the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Goodbeer Faucets

February 8, 2012

Goodbeer Faucets, Shibuya

Goodbeer Faucets in Shibuya. 40 real ales on tap.

Foot Pee!

November 24, 2011

Foot Pee!

The mind boggles…

Working late

November 14, 2011


Recently I’ve been working quite late, but one day last week managed to get out of the office while it was still light outside.

Special Event PORK

November 14, 2011

Special Event PORK

Special Event PORK at Dean & Deluca.

Tokyo Tower

August 15, 2011

Tokyo Tower

Some photos from around Tokyo Tower. I didn’t go up the tower itself because there was a big queue and I didn’t want to wait…

Japan visa renewal does not include re-entry permit renewal

August 14, 2011

When I renewed my visa I naively assumed that it included an extension of the re-entry permit.

I didn’t find out that this is not the case until I was at Narita airport going through passport control.

Passport control officer: “So, you’re not coming back to Japan?”
Me: “Of course I’m coming back, I’m only going on vacation.”
Passport control officer: “So where’s your re-entry permit? This is expired.”
Me: “Here it is look, I renewed it in April.” *points to the new visa*
Passport control officer: “This is your visa. You also need a new re-entry permit!”
Me: %$!*

Luckily they issued one at the airport, but only for a single entry. I have to go back to the immigration centre to get a new multiple re-entry permit.


June 28, 2011


At the weekend we went to Kamakura to see the Daibutsu (“big Buddha”).

It wasn’t as big as we expected. A bit disappointing, really.

More photos.

Earth / Arse

June 8, 2011


In Japanese, the word “earth” when written in Katakana sounds the same as “arse”.


June 6, 2011


A peacock at Yumemigasaki Zoo Park.