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Life in the post-apocalypse wasteland of Tokyo

March 28, 2011

Plenty of fresh fruit and veg

Reading some of the media reports over the past couple of weeks you’d think we were living in some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland.

In the 2-3 of days immediately after the earthquake, it was difficult to get essentials like bread, milk, eggs, and rice, but there has always been plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Two weeks later, we can get the basics, but in limited amounts.

There has been a bit of a scare about contamination in the water, but that has pretty much passed now. The government’s warnings sparked a wave of panic-buying bottled water, which looks set to continue for a while. There’s been no bottled water in any of the shops near us for the past week or so. We’re just drinking the tap water and giving the kids bottled water that was sent by a friend in another part of Japan.

As for the rolling blackouts, they’ve been cancelled almost every day. We’ve only had two so far, and they were both shorter than planned.

At work they’ve introduced an electricity conservation policy which means we have to work shorter hours. I can live with that.

Overall, everything is almost back to normal.