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Japanese beer, German style

January 19, 2009

My supply of beer from Munich is running dangerously low (only 1 crate left) so I was pleased to read about this German style beer that is available in a Japanese supermarket.

Eku Pils

One day way back in November last year I bought a can of it on the way home from work, stuck it in the fridge, and then forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago.

For a Pils (which is not usually my choice of beer because I’m not keen on the bitter taste) it wasn’t that bad, and maybe I’ll pop into the shop again one day and see if they’re still selling it (almost 3 months later). If not, there are plenty of other domestic beers to choose from.

This past weekend I found a stout beer from Kirin, which is much like a Bavarian Dunkelbier, and I can see myself stocking up on that when my last crate runs out.

Now if only they’d do a Weissbier…