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Menthol flavoured coffee

September 9, 2008

Kirin Fire Menthol Coffee

Only the Japanese could come up with something like menthol coffee.

I tried it, bracing myself for the gag reflex, but found that it tastes almost the same as any other canned coffee that you can find here. Hardly any taste or smell of menthol at all, and only a very slight aftertaste that you probably wouldn’t notice if you were not expecting it.

Afternoon coffee

August 18, 2008

Coffee Cans

These coffees don’t compare to the freshly brewed espresso that we used to enjoy after lunch in Munich, but at least they come in pretty cans that I can take pictures of and upload to the internet.

I’ve gone through all the different types available in the office vending machine, and now I’m having to go down to the convenience store to get my daily fix…