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Land Brauerei Echigo-Bräu Premium Beer Pilsner

February 17, 2009

I spotted this beer with a German-looking name and was unable to resist grabbing one.

Echigo Premium Beer

A closer look at the description on the can (what I could read of it, anyway) revealed that it’s not actually a German beer. It’s brewed here in Japan by Echigo breweries using aroma hop from the Czech Republic.

Either way, it’s a pretty good beer, and it more than made up for the disappointment of the not-Ginger-Beer Ginger Draft.

Like the Eku Pils it’s not as bitter as a German (or Czech) pilsner. More like a Munich helles Bier.

Definitely another one to add to the list of replacements for my ever-decreasing supply of German beer (I’m well into the last crate now).

It doesn’t seem to be a limited edition, so I hope it’ll still be available next time I’m at the shop. If not, their website has a online shop that seems to have quite a range of beers.