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Foot Pee!

November 24, 2011

Foot Pee!

The mind boggles…

Don’t spend time beating

November 17, 2010


Seen on a t-shirt in a store in Kawasaki.

Beating what? Off? Your wife?

Upper length of the sleeve of ground elevator

January 25, 2009

I try not to make too much fun of Engrish when I see it, because in most cases it’s still better than my Japanese.

However I was out today and found this sign at Machiya station, which has to be one of the most bizarre translations I’ve seen so far.

Upper length of the sleeve of ground elevator

Upper length of the sleeve of ground elevator
transfer examination of tickets floor

At least they’ve realised it makes no sense and covered it up.

Funny usage of English

July 13, 2006

While I was in Japan I didn’t really see any examples of Engrish, but the name of this shop in the Canal City shopping centre in Fukuoka made me do a double-take.

A shop called Labia

The shop was closed when we walked past so we didn’t go in. I think it sold household goods, or clothes, or something normal like that.

Next time I’m there I’ll go back for a closer look.

Update (2006-08-03): One of my Japanese colleagues found the Labia shop’s page in the Canal City store directory. From the pictures on there it looks like they sell luggage and bags.