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Configuring Firefox’s browser address bar

August 29, 2008

Firefox Browser URL Bar Settings

I just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox and the new URL bar is really annoying, the way it remembers every page you’ve visited and pops them up as you type in the address.

Luckily it’s configurable and you can change the way it behaves. Phil lists all the settings here, but the way he did it switches it off completely.

I just changed the setting browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped and now it only shows the URLs that I’ve manually typed in, rather than everything I’ve ever visited.

Firefox plugins

July 30, 2007

I’ve been using Firefox exclusively for about a year now. Here are some of the plugins that I find useful:

Fire Uploader – Allows you to upload media to your YouTube, Flickr, Facebook accounts from a single page.

TabMix Plus – Enhances Firefox tabs, including saving and restoring tab sessions.

Long Titles – Makes sure long titles and alt-texts are displayed properly (particularly useful for reading the image tags on xkcd).

Flashblock – Stops flash objects from playing until you click on them.

IE Tab – Opens a tab using Internet Explorer’s page renderer. Useful for those annoying sites that only work properly in IE.

Rikaichan – Translation tool for Japanese-English. It also does Japanese-Russian, Japanese-French, and Japanese-German.

Google Toolbar –  Same as the toolbar for IE.

Customize Google – Forces GMail to use a secure connection, removes ads, and various other Google tweaks.