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Free wireless internet access in Tokyo

January 23, 2009

I’ve just bought a FON wireless router. The main motivation for choosing it was the fact that it was considerably cheaper than the others that were available.

The reason it’s cheap is that you’re expected to share your internet connection. You get a private channel for your own use, and a public one for everyone else. Once you’ve registered, you can then freely use any other public FON access point.

FON WiFi Locations in Central Tokyo

According to their map page there are plenty of access points in Tokyo, which should be good for connecting the iPhone or laptop while out and about. And even if the free access turns out to be crap in some way (limitations, adverts, etc), at least I now have a cheap router than I can use at home rather than having to trail a cable across the apartment…

How to write Japanese kanji – free instructional videos for the iPhone

January 20, 2009

If you have an iPhone (or video-capable iPod), and you want to learn how to write Japanese kanji characters, have a look at this series of free videos from Emory University that are available in the iTunes store. Just search for “kanji” and you’ll find them.

Emory University's Kanji Videos in iTunes

I’ve downloaded them all to my iPhone and they’re very good. My only gripe is that I can’t watch them at the same time as listening to music.

Side rant: in iTunes why isn’t it possible to 1) select a batch of videos and download them all at once, or 2) select a batch of videos at once to synch to the iPhone? For 100-odd videos it was a pretty tedious procedure. Grrr.