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April 15, 2009 used to be great for buying DVDs and CDs – huge range, decent prices, and free delivery to most of Europe. But recently (well, some time within the last year or so) they’ve introduced a new delivery policy and won’t deliver to Europe if you pay in GBP, or to the UK if you pay in Euros.

This wouldn’t have been a problem while I was still living in Germany, but now I’ve moved to Japan it means I can’t buy stuff on my German card and have it delivered to friends/family back home without paying in GBP and having to pay a transaction fee. And I can’t pay on my Japanese card because they don’t allow Japan as a billing address.

If they hadn’t introduced these ridiculous rules, I’d’ve just bought the stuff there rather than going to Amazon and finding everything that I wanted at significantly cheaper prices…

I love my Japanese internet connection

January 29, 2009

Fast Internet

Getting a torrent downloading at over 1MB/s was unimaginable on my cable internet connection back in Munich. In fact I couldn’t even use BitTorrent on that ISP because they blocked it. Not officially, of course. It just mysteriously didn’t work.

Here, it’s a 100MB fiber connection direct to the building, and I pay less (including the phone) than I did just for the cable internet.

So far I haven’t even got close to maxing it out…

Free wireless internet access in Tokyo

January 23, 2009

I’ve just bought a FON wireless router. The main motivation for choosing it was the fact that it was considerably cheaper than the others that were available.

The reason it’s cheap is that you’re expected to share your internet connection. You get a private channel for your own use, and a public one for everyone else. Once you’ve registered, you can then freely use any other public FON access point.

FON WiFi Locations in Central Tokyo

According to their map page there are plenty of access points in Tokyo, which should be good for connecting the iPhone or laptop while out and about. And even if the free access turns out to be crap in some way (limitations, adverts, etc), at least I now have a cheap router than I can use at home rather than having to trail a cable across the apartment…