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Doraemon iPhone Applications

February 26, 2010

Doraemon iPhone Applications

Idly browsing through the App Store I found this set of applications that form a picture of Doraemon when you arrange them in the correct sequence on the screen.

It’s an interesting idea, and seems to have been quite popular. The whole set has been in the top 50 free apps for some weeks now. Shame the apps themselves are nothing spectacular.

On the top row from the left: calculator, system info, clock, timer. On the second row, the first one is a rock-paper-scissors game, and the rest are just comics.

iPhone touch screen and static interference

February 6, 2009

Recently the touch screen on my iPhone has been behaving quite strangely. Every so often it’ll either stop reacting at all, or will behave as though I were jabbing my finger all over it in random places. The latter is quite annoying as it’ll often end up sending an email or calling a random contact out of the address book.

It seems to be caused by static electricity building up. If I touch a grounded metal object while holding the iPhone, the problem stops. At least for some time, then eventually starts again.

I’ve taken it back to the shop a couple of times, but they’re not convinced that it’s a problem with the hardware. Their idea of fixing it was to spray it with compressed air, and then do a complete reset of the software. Neither are practical solutions, really. They say they won’t replace the phone unless the problem can be reproduced in the store, immediately after the SW reset. And of course, it doesn’t happen then…

How to write Japanese kanji – free instructional videos for the iPhone

January 20, 2009

If you have an iPhone (or video-capable iPod), and you want to learn how to write Japanese kanji characters, have a look at this series of free videos from Emory University that are available in the iTunes store. Just search for “kanji” and you’ll find them.

Emory University's Kanji Videos in iTunes

I’ve downloaded them all to my iPhone and they’re very good. My only gripe is that I can’t watch them at the same time as listening to music.

Side rant: in iTunes why isn’t it possible to 1) select a batch of videos and download them all at once, or 2) select a batch of videos at once to synch to the iPhone? For 100-odd videos it was a pretty tedious procedure. Grrr.