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Firefox plugins

July 30, 2007

I’ve been using Firefox exclusively for about a year now. Here are some of the plugins that I find useful:

Fire Uploader – Allows you to upload media to your YouTube, Flickr, Facebook accounts from a single page.

TabMix Plus – Enhances Firefox tabs, including saving and restoring tab sessions.

Long Titles – Makes sure long titles and alt-texts are displayed properly (particularly useful for reading the image tags on xkcd).

Flashblock – Stops flash objects from playing until you click on them.

IE Tab – Opens a tab using Internet Explorer’s page renderer. Useful for those annoying sites that only work properly in IE.

Rikaichan – Translation tool for Japanese-English. It also does Japanese-Russian, Japanese-French, and Japanese-German.

Google Toolbar –  Same as the toolbar for IE.

Customize Google – Forces GMail to use a secure connection, removes ads, and various other Google tweaks.