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Generating website access statistics with ServerAdmin24

March 23, 2007

The default server administration software on my server is ServerAdmin24 which seems to have a problem with the configuration of website statistics generation – i.e. the statistics are never generated.

I couldn’t find any information about this – in English or German – and had to send a support request to the Strato tech support who found the cause of the problem and gave me the following solution:

Find the file:


and edit it so that the “LogFile” line reads:

LogFile /usr/local/sa24/logfiles/

And then if you want the stats to be generated immediately, rather than at whatever time they’re scheduled to be updated, run the script:


Server Downgrade

January 19, 2007

I’ve just moved this site and the Ex-Sony Munich Community site to a new lower-spec server. The contract for the previous server expired and since I’m no longer hosting the Britboard on it there’s no point continuing to pay for it.

The new server costs half as much. It’s still with Strato because I was quite impressed with the quality of their service (sales and tech support) so far.

If tha wants owt doin…

March 10, 2005

My great grandmother used to have a plaque on her wall that read:

“If tha wants owt doin, tha’d best do it thisen”

Translated to proper English, it means “If you want something doing, you had better do it yourself”.

With that phrase in mind, I’m now moving my website content from the webhosting account at Easily to a dedicated server from Strato where I’ll have full admin control over the server setup and content.

Hopefully the transition will be relatively painless…