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Local temples and shrines

July 24, 2012

平間山 稱名寺

There are a number of small temples and shrines within walking distance of my apartment. Earlier this year I went round taking photos of them all.

Temples and shrines near Shin-Kawasaki and Kashimada

Gokoku Jinja

January 26, 2007

Gokoku Jinja, in central Fukuoka, is the temple we’ve chosen to have our wedding. At least the ceremony part, anyway; the legal marriage will already have happened at the town hall by the time we get to the temple.

We checked a couple of other temples in the city centre, but they were either too small, too old, or too loud. One that we looked at had department stores looming in the background.

Although Gokoku Jinja is fairly central – only a 10 minute walk from the main shopping streets – it’s fairly secluded in its own little park surrounded by trees.

While we were there they were setting up for the New Year celebrations. In the photos you can see the first food stalls being set up in the driveway. By the time we went there again on New Year’s Day, it was teeming with people going there to pray.