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Christmas Dinner

January 11, 2011

Christmas Dinner

I’m pleased to report that no, we didn’t go to KFC for Christmas dinner.

We found a decent sized chicken at Sanwa and cooked it in a Le Creuset pot on the gas hob. It turned out very well, tender and juicy. And I even managed to make a Yorkshire pudding in the combo oven. Served with Paxo stuffing smuggled in from England.

More pictures, including a gory one of the raw chicken with it’s neck hanging out.

KFC Christmas Dinner

December 22, 2010

KFC Christmas Dinner

We’ll be in Japan for Christmas this year. We won’t be having a turkey for Christmas dinner because we haven’t seen anywhere selling them, and our microwave combo oven is probably too small to roast one in anyway.

Whatever we do, we won’t be following the local tradition of going to KFC.

Christmas Decorations

December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree

We’ve had the Christmas tree up since mid-November.